Commercially Profitable Hydroponics Farming

Hydroponic Masterclass is learning wing of Kryzen Biotech Pvt Ltd. We are India's fastest growing agritech company that's promoting vertical farming with Hydroponics. We are team of passionate agritech experts and agronomists, and we are obsessed with only one thought "More Food in Less Space".

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Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponics Is The Future Of Farming

At Kryzen Biotech Pvt. Ltd., we have dedicated team of agronomists, agritech experts, software developers working on different problem solving in domain of hydroponics. This team takes utmost care of the crops, by ensuring good supply of nutrients and water to the roots. We also use the best in class technology for controlled environment agriculture (CEA) with our propriotary AI based software solution hydroBUILD.

We at Hydroponic Masterclass passing our knowledge to thousands of people, and enabeling new age farmers to build commercially profitable hydroponic farm with less efforts and investments.

Benefits Of Working With Us

We Believe in Best Quality
Right from teaching you about hydroponics farming to procuring top quality materials, we assure everyone in our ecosystem with the highest benchmarks.

Hydroponics Farming
We started very small and slowly spread ourselves into other related domains. We started from setting up our own farm. We faced lot of issues from setting up to running a farm. And we solved every problem we faced along the way.

Build For Everyone
Once we developed solutions for ourselves, And once other people started asking for the same solutions, We just decided to extend all this services to every person.

Hydroponic Strawberry

Our Team

We are strong team of Agronomists, Agritech, Software Developers, Product Developers and HR managements. With a combined business experience of more than 45 years, our team is perfect blend of right knowledge & expertise to take you towards prosperous venture in Hydroponic Farming.

Sudhir Devkar

Priya Patil

Vishwa Pratap Singh

Sagar Devkar

Rajesh Kumar Singh

Sachin Deshmukh

Sachin Badhak

Jubair Bagban

Pramod Kumbhar

Raju Mulani

Shweta S.

Reetusha G.

Salman Bagban

Amit K.