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  • 01. Introduction
  • 02. Hydroponic Introduction
  • 03. Hydroponics - The Basics
  • 04. Aquaponics
  • 05. Pre-Setup Inspection
  • 06. Key Setup
  • 07. Inert Media
  • 08. Seeds
  • 09. Water
  • 10. Fertilizers
  • 11. Pest Control
  • 12. Harvest
  • 13. Conclude
  • 15. Plants You can grow in Hydroponics
  • 16. Request Topic
  • 17. Hydroponic Setup in 40 Days


Sudhir Devkar

Hi there! I'm Sudhir - Computer Engineer Turned Hydroponic Farmer. For quite some time, I am successfully growing & enjoying nutritious greens by applying hydroponic vertical farming technique. Here I am sharing my knowledge & skills which I acquired through spending so many hours of research, experiments & mistakes so that you can avoid all those hassles & have a successful growing experience in a very little amount of time.
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