Here are few questions you might want to know.

What is land requrement for this project?

For this project there is no such land requirement, you can start it from as low as 100sqft and can go up to a few acres of land. What we found in our study is 5000sqft land is perfect for a single commercial growing unit.

  1. It is big enough to produce a good number of crops to keep monthly production cycle going
  2. It is small enough to maintain climatic conditions, fumigation and overall system health.

What is the investment we need?

We need approximately 15LAKH investment for this project to execute. You can raise these funds from savings, government banks, private banks of nbfc’s. We cover that inside course.
Check this link to calculate your funding requirement as per your state and other prerequisites

Is there any government subsidy?

Government subsidy is available on polyhouse. It differs from state to state. Generally, it laps between 25% to 65% depending on your state of execution.

How long I can access this course?

You have lifetime access to the course. After finishing the course, you can come back anytime later and retake the course unlimited times. There are no restrictions on that.

Can I get support from you while developing the farm?

We provide community and guidance support via our forum. Or you can write to us anytime on

Do you provide consulting?

Right now we are not providing any consulting of any sort. We are formalizing the plan and mechanism for it. In a few months we will start working towards that.

Where can I make the payment?

You can enrol for the course at

I want to see farm, how can I do that?

Inside course once you cover your theory part, we provide the option to book a farm visit. Where you get 3 hours of dedicated personalized farm visit, explaining all bits and pieces of farm.

Can I contact you over call?

We have found out calling support does not help people in much extend and mostly solutions are very much short-lived. We started addressing question and queries via ticket system over email. You can write to us on and you will get your question resolved in a very short time.

Is your farm at my location?

We have all our farms located at Satara, Maharshatra and no other location.

Can I take demo course firth before I enroll?

Yes, we want you to try the demo first and make an informed decision about enrolling. You can try the course at

What is covered inside course?

We have covered every small bit and piece of business and science side of hydroponic. Check this link to know what is covered inside course

Can I develop this project on terrace?

Yes, hydroponic has zero dependencies on the soil. So you can practice hydroponic on the terrace.

I am very much interested in hydroponic, but I do not own a land and short with funds too?

You can always opt for leased land, your leasing agriment and NOC is good enough for you to proceed with loan procedure.

I have zero experience with agriculture, Will I be able to understand the course?

Yes, we have designed the course in keeping mind it’s for upcoming urban farmers. We have covered every small piece of information inside course eg. why do we use water for agriculture and nothing else?

How is the course structure? How can I access the course content?

What is covered into 40Days of setup?

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