How can water be saved in agriculture?

Agriculture is definitely one of the most necessary areas where the government of every country must pay stress. With growing water crises, every person in the world should know the value of water. You cannot expect good produce without using enough water.

Most of the farmers today either depend on groundwater or pump water to supply water in their fields and farms. While growing the produce, it is crucial that you find new ways to save water in agriculture and get the best results. They are as under:

1. Water storage

Every day, we watch the ads on TV specifying the importance of water and how to store it. The farmers can also store the water in their personal ponds and wells. Stored water in the wells can be used in the future if water crises arise anytime.

2. The option of Dry farming

This alternative is recently tried by many farmers in some parts of the USA and other countries. In dry farming, the moisture of the soil is given much importance. Whenever the climate is dry and hot, the tilling practices are carried on the soil to grow the produce. The examples of dry-farmed produce are apples, grapes, and olives.

3. Grow crops suitable to the climate

The climatic conditions and crops have a direct relation. Some areas do not receive sufficient rainfall due to which the drought is a major issue in farming. In such areas, you can pick crops which can go on without water for many days. This is indeed one of the best ways to save water in agriculture you can try.

4. Get good quality of soil

Water scarcity is a serious problem and one needs to be careful while using water especially in farming. To save water usage, you can select the soil which can carry more amount of moisture. This type of soil also contains more oxygen in which plants can live for a long time.

5. Drip irrigation

This is one of the most common methods used by farmers all over the world for saving water. Many people are now installing the water systems in their farms. These systems spread the exact amount of water in the crops and help the soil to retain moisture for many hours. Drip irrigation saves water as well as gives better yields.

Other ways of saving water in agriculture

  • You can use mulch and organic compost to enhance the soil quality. They help in boosting the water-holding ability of the land.
  • The crops should be covered often to increase soil fertility and enhance the quality of produce.
  • Organic farming is an option chosen by most of the farmers today to save water in agriculture. In organic farming, there are no harmful pesticides or insecticides used. As a result, the soil remains wet and you can save much of the water.

Agriculture, as well as water conservation, are crucial for the next generations and we must find various tips to save water and bring good produce.