Hydroponic Farm Management Software

hydroNEXT provides you vertical farming management software, which helps you precisely manage the farm production. All NVPH and Fan-Pad Hydroponics units can be managed using hydroNEXT.

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Farm Management Software

It is now possible to tailor the temperature, humidity, lighting, airflow and nutrient conditions to get the best productivity out of plants year round; anywhere in the world. The technology of hydroponics allows almost any kind of plant to be grown in nutrient-rich water.

Production Planning

Get complete insights about conditioning before planning a production.

Budget Preparation

Create divided budget and assign to the teams to keep your expense in check.

Cost Monitoring

Monitor your cost, expenses and modify budgets as per accounting inputs.

Labor & Task Management

Manage Attendance, Salaries, Reimbursements seamlessly with Labour & Task Management.

Artificial light planning and tracking

Connect via API's and maange artificial light planing from scheduling to tracking energy usage.

Yield forecasts

Based on various factors, you can forcast your Yield and raise pre-orders accordingly.

Fertigation planning and tracking

PART 1/2/3/4/5 Any fertigation planning you need, can be integrated easily with moleqular level accuracy from cloud libraries.

Plant protection program

Pest control can be daunting task, You can mange it with various checks like Infrared sensor integration or Heatmap sensor integration.

Inventory management

Manage your inventory, warrenty, bills of various equipments along with recurring billings, rental billings or depriciation calculations.

Crop/variety performance

Run A/B testing on various crops in terms of energy usage, fertigation, ROI to get deep understanding of individual performance.

Climate data tracking

2B climatic tracking will help you to monitor various growth aspects. In 2B climatic tracking you track conditions outside structure as well as inside structure.

Post-harvest/pack house tracking

Track your harvest cycles, packaging unit, weight machine readings to minimize packaging loss and avoid wastage.

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