Hydroponic Project Development

We have shown extraordinary results in setting up poly house structures for hydroponics-based farms. Based on particular requirements and criteria, We setup Natural Ventilated Polyhouse a.k.a. NVPH or Temprature Controlled Fan-Pad setup for hydroponics farming.

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Fan & Pad temperature controlled Polyhouse structure

Fan & Pad polyhouse is used to control the temperature and humidity of the hydroponic farm as plants require an optimum conditions for maximum yield and quality.The internal temperature of the farm can be controlled with these fans and pads.
We at Hydroponic Masterclass take help of sensors on your farm to monitor and control the surrounding temperature, water temperature, humidity, electrical conductivity, PH of water, etc. This will help you in better assessment of various parameters of your farm.

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Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse Structure

The Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse is developed to solve the challenges of different climatic conditions forced upon farms. With proper ventilation and humidity we can create optimal growth environment for crops with low energy expense.
Wing roofs with specialised features with withstand heavy wind and rain are used to increases crop production by providing suitable environment and other parameters such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, irrigation, fertigation, and integrated pest management are monitored and controlled throughout the season.
We at Hydroponic Masterclass has seen more then 75% hydroponic setups in india are done into naturally ventilated polyhouse structure.

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