Is farming really a failed business in India?

India is a secular country that has diversity and as we move further it has different cultures and norms. Still, over 58% of the population of India still is dependent on agriculture as their source of income. The reason behind this is that they are so illiterate that they don’t have the knowledge about other business. Farming is never failed business but since it has been not done in a proper manner that is why most people don’t get benefited from it. Also, many don’t have that much of many to get the best requirements for crops and cultivation. So it has many drawbacks as well as profits simultaneously. So it has some facts.

So let us discuss the profits that we get from farming and how does it affect the farmer’s life. So here are some points which will tell you the real position of the farmers.

The Profit that farmers get in agriculture

There are mainly some profits that farmers usually get in agriculture so let us discuss them in detail.

  • The profit that farmers get is directly dependent on the materials and the sales that they are doing.
  • Many farmers here don’t actually know about how to get income by raising the prices of the crops so they don’t get any profit.
  • When there is an investment in the agri-business sector then it enhances the profit of the farmer as well as India.
  • Also, the profit can be made by promoting the reserve bank of India’s micro-finance credit program.
  • Such changes in public and private sectors will help in the farming profit and thus farmers get better income.

So this is how farmers can get the profit of farming there are very few of things required but yes they need to be little smart with it.

How to initiate profitable agriculture?

So here are some ways by which the farmers get profitable agriculture.

  • By keeping the average need of paddy in India and thus lowering the rates of it.
  • Farmers should get at max Rs.20/kg for a better quality of crops.
  • Farmers should get better income if they are provided with the required raw materials.
  • There should be a proper way of dealing with consumers.
  • The rates of crops should be better.

So by using all these points, farmers can get better income in India as well as farming is never failed in India rather if farming will not be there then how will we get the food? So that is why farming is very important.


So it concludes that farming business is not failed in India but there are some major steps that need to be taken in order to give perfect profit to the farmers. Though there are some steps which will help them. So farming or agriculture is the most important part of everyone’s life so how come it can get failed? So It just needs some improvements.