Is Urban Farming a threat to farmers

Is Urban Farming a threat to farmers?

Urban farming has been the most useful way of farming these days. But do you think that urban farming has a threat to farmers? So the threat is of soil contamination, which may lead to soil degradation. As we all know that we are living in a place where pollution is in abundance somehow contaminating the soil and also the waste produced by the urban farming is destroying the fertility of the soil as well as making it rough. So what are the drawbacks of urban farming and how is it affecting the farmer’s life?

So let us see the disadvantages of urban farming and know the reason how it is affecting the lives of farmers.

Disadvantages of urban farming

So here are some disadvantages of urban farming which makes farmers, not for this type of farming method. So let’s see what are the disadvantages of urban farming.

  • Since it uses rainwater for harvesting so sometimes it is difficult as the setup might be far away.
  • Buying different plots inside any house sometimes it is too expensive for the local buyers.
  • There might be not enough of solar energy at that particular place available.
  • The plants which are growing inside might not get enough sunlight.
  • The waste material produced by the cultivation of it might cause some side effects.

There might be more disadvantages of urban farming. The main disadvantage is farmers don’t get enough of materials required.

How can these problems be solved?

These problems can be solved if properly taken care of. But it requires high maintenance and that is why it takes a very high cost. So these problems can be solved if there are protective measures and thus given proper care. But this can’t be solved that easily. So now let’s see what are the effects of urban farming to the farmers.

How urban farming affects the life of farmers?

Since urban farming is taking place in cities so most of the farmers are shifting themselves in cities and not only farmers but also normal people are setting up their plants in order to build great farms for the production of food in large quantities. But it is still affecting the lives of farmers so let’s see how it is affecting the lives of people.

  • Due to urban farming conventional farming is not so popular these days but since it is the only earning way for them so they suffer from no earning.
  • It uses all the natural ways for the production of crops so many farmers could not get the resources because of this.
  • It is usually for people who are already rich but who are quite poor can’t afford it.


Yes, urban farming is a threat to a farmer’s life. As we have discussed that already what are the drawbacks of urban farming and how it is affecting the farmer’s lifestyle. So this is how it is not helpful.