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The ground breaking video course that reveals How to SETUP YOUR HYDROPONIC FARM that WILL Generate UPTO 4 Lakhs/Month.


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Why we chose it? 

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Most people in India have grown up on the idea that good water, good soil and lots of sunlight translate into good farming. That may have been true for most farmers, for a great deal of time. But new research and practice have shown that what healthy plants really require are good seeds, good water and nutrients. Plants do not really require soil. And plants need not sunlight, but a spectrum. The entire process of photosynthesis is possible when the plant separates the sunlight to soak in the spectrum that it requires. Broadly, different types of plants use blue, red or yellow spectrum. Some use white spectrum as well.

Hydroponics is an excellent choice for all types of growers. It is a great choice because it gives you the ability to meticulously control the variables that affect how well your plants grow. A fine-tuned hydroponic system can easily surpass a soil-based system in plant quality and amount of produce yielded.


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It’s time to end the confusion, cut through the nonsence and discover the simple plan that works, a plan on which all big business are build.

Look around for any successful business and you will find this pattern.
Do business which is commercially successful
Learn from the leader
Create your success blueprint


Build The Powerful Hydroponic Business You Want with Minimal Time & Equipment...

Start a 'CASH CROP' business which can keep you making money
Learn and Unlearn concepts of the agriculture industry
Dedicate yourself for the single goal of getting rich
Create a business that you can pass to your next generation
Create a money-making machine that keeps on working even when you sleep

If Yes, Start Training Smarter Today.


HI there! Meet us

We Are Engineers Turned Hydroponic Farmer


Sudhir D. (B.E. Computer)

I studied in Mumbai and then finished my engineering in Bangalore. I have worked in big companies like Nokia, Sapient and small startups like Collpoll. I worked with the product industry as well as the service industry.

I started my startup as 'PAXLANDER'. it was a very simple packaging and inventory management business of restaurants. (You see that designed delivery boxes you get, Yes I used to design that and along with that their website too.)

Unfortunately, I had to close down that business in 2017 Due to plastic ban and other financial situations. One day I was cleaning up my desktop and it was a night at 2 O’clock. I came across some excel sheets of some orders I processed in paxlander. And I saw so many restaurants we used to work with always needed plastic bowls and plastic fork or spoon. And Indian food doesn't need all that. It's continental food that needs such kind of packaging and all orders from restaurants to consist of 80% continental packaging.

I pulled out all contact details of restaurant owners, after working for almost 2 years with them most of them were good friends by now. I started calling them the next day and my simple question was to them, 'What is the only thing you need the most and always struggle to find?'

And the answer was as expected 'Quality Row Ingredients All Yearlong'

And My research on growing quality ingredients all year without compromising quality started. I started researching on polyhouse, growing techniques started meeting many people in this industry. First time when I came across hydroponics. It pulled my attention with one simple thing 'Can grow anywhere, anything, with everything minimum'.

And my hydroponic journey started.

For quite some time, I am successfully growing & enjoying nutritious greens by applying the hydroponic vertical farming technique. Here I am sharing my knowledge & skills which I acquired through spending so many hours of research, experiments & mistakes so that you can avoid all those hassles & have a successful growing experience in a very little amount of time.

edited blazer

Priya Patil (B.E. Electronics & Telecommunication)

I studied engineering in Aurangabad. I have worked with big clients like Audi, Bosch, Continental AG, Keihin, etc. I worked mainly into automobile part development and certification including ISO.

As a child, I had a keen interest in gardening and being from a family of a farmer most of my agriculture knowledge was passed to me from my mom and dad.

The region I born and grew up in is drought region. It was never like this before once we had acres of sweet lemon farms but from last 7 years water level had gone drastically down and growing cotton is also struggling task. This drastic change in water level forced people to opt-out from agriculture. I was actively looking for the solution when I came across hydroponic.

Earlier it was just a topic of interest for me, but going deep into understanding it made me realize how this simple yet neglected technology can help thousands of people to get there profession back and same time solves the biggest hunger problem of the world.

By 2050, with the global population expected to reach 9.8 billion, our food supplies will be under far greater stress. Demand will be 60% higher than it is today, but climate change, urbanization, and soil degradation will have shrunk the availability of arable land, according to the World Economic Forum.

This research article got me interested in agriculture and since then there are a thousand articles and research papers got published on this issue.

Just google 'Food Problem 2050' and you will be blown away by seeing the depth of the problem humanity is going towards.

Along with Sudhir, When I started doing my research on vertical farming. We had only one goal in mind; We don't want to create a science experiment but a viable commercial business out of hydroponics. That's the only thing which will make hydroponic publically acceptable. We have achieved that up to good extend, we are still researching and refining the methods to get maximum yield in compact space with less water and fertilizers. I hope as a community we all can work together ad build upon research and methods we have found so far.



With Money-Back Guarantee; One time payment, Lifetime Access & Support.


You will get a complete knowledge of hydroponics and how to set up a 5000sqft hydroponic farm from ground zero in just 40 days.

Everything you could think of :

Business plan from the top view.
We make an agriculture farm in just 40 days which produces high value exotic nutrient-rich veggies.
We use hydroponics technology to keep our input cost at the lowest and produce the same quality all year long
We use automation techniques to automate the farm and use price watcher to get price projections
You will learn how to set up a commercial farm/hobby garden according to the principles of hydroponics.
Grow one of the world's most profitable legal cash crops - using shelves and simple equipment.
Start growing superfoods on a budget - for profit or pleasure.
Learning plant's growing cycle & managing with any minimal available time, budget & space you have.
Avoid common pitfalls - learn from my mistakes!
And many other growing tips.

Course Structure (We will cover!) :

01. Introduction

  • Welcome To Hydroponic Masterclass.
  • How is this course designed? Less of Science more of Business.
  • Course Structure | How to access course and get maximum out of it.
  • Introduction to the Hydroponic Masterclass.
  • Question and Answers – Forum.
  • Join Facebook group.

02. Hydroponic Introduction

  • Download Handbook | Print it, Download it, Keep it handy.
  • Pre-requisite | Something You need before setting up your business.
  • Costing & Finance options.

03. Hydroponics - The Basics

  • What is Hydroponics? | Get ready to unlearn Agriculture.
  • Why Hydroponics? | Why to even consider it?
  • Types of Hydroponics | What we do is not the only option available!
  • Myths and Facts about Hydroponics | Some wrong beliefs we grew up with.
  • Hydroponics Vs. Traditional Farming | Why traditional farmer won’t be able to compete with you any day.

04. Aquaponics

  • Aquaponics Vs. Hydroponics | Some likes fishes, some likes comfort.

05. Pre-Setup Inspection

  • Land Inspection | Where to put this setup?
  • Water Inspection | We have to feed plants something.
  • Weather Inspection | Plants are like infants they need some protection.

06. Key Setup

  • Key Factors to be considered.
  • How little or more sunlight affects the plant, its growth and our profit?
  • No sun? No worries, We got grow lights.
  • How much sunlight or grow light plants need? Identify using a lux meter.
  • Polyhouse and removing the climatic dependency.
  • Types of polyhouse | They are more then one way to do it.
  • Respiration and Polyhouse vents.
  • Metal frames and support structure.
  • Pipes and Fittings | Flowing nutrients to plant roots.
  • Net cups / Net pots | We gotta suspend plants over pipes, right?
  • Frame setup in polyhouse layout.
  • Polyhouse & Frame Setups | 3D modeling with Solidworks.

07. Inert Media

  • Inert Media Introduction.
  • Buffering of Cocopeat | Get 90%+ Germination with strong seedlings
  • What is Tray and types of tray.
  • Using Tray for plantation.
  • Oasis cubes | Cheap and best alternative to tray, cocopeat and messiness comes with it.

08. Seeds

  • Seeds selection | Something seed sellers never tell you.

09. Water

  • Understanding pH | We get burned with it and plants get high with it.
  • Testing pH – pH meter.
  • pH Calibration | This simple habit will save you thousands of rupees.
  • Electric Conductivity in water | Salts / Fertilizers in water.
  • Testing EC – EC meter.
  • Is your EC meter giving correct value? Check with table salt in under 10 minutes.
  • Water flow in the frame structure.
  • Giving slope to the n.f.t. pipe using the level meter.
  • How much water do you need?

10. Fertilizers

  • Understanding hydroponic fertilizers | They all are just same.
  • Tank A & Tank B | Never get confused again.
  • Fertilizer Calculator | You never have to call anyone again.
  • Download fertilizer calculator.
  • DIY: Vegetative Fertilizer | Prepare nutrients locally for all your leafy greens.
  • DIY: Flowering Fertilizer | Prepare nutrients locally for all flowering and fruiting plants.
  • Growth Booster | Something plants strive for.
  • Nutrients Deficiency chart | Print this and put in your office (NO EXCUSE).

11. Pest Control

  • Pest Control Introduction.
  • Types of Pests | We hate them all.
  • Pest Control Strategies | How to get rid of them.

12. Harvest

  • How much we can produce?
  • Harvest | It's easy like counting 1,2,3,4.
  • Pruning – Propagating new plant | Why buy seeds when we can do it with old plant in less time.
  • Alternative plantation | High-density vegetation at 50% production.
  • Download Maintenance Log | Print it and give it to your farm manager and see growth.
  • Download Output Log | See some cash flowing in.
  • Download Water Quality Log | Plants health is the highest priority and you need this for it.

13. Getting Ready to Sell

  • Pvt. Ltd. Company Vs LLP Registration | This is something you will need when you will start growing big.
  • Pvt. Ltd. Company Name and Trademark | Don’t just pick any random name.
  • Why do we even need Pvt Ltd or LLP company? | It’s secret of top 10% rich farmers.
  • B2B, B2B2C & B2C | Selling channels with pros and cons.
  • FSSAI Licence and scams about it.
  • How to get a FSSAI Licence | On your own & agency approach.
  • Contract farming and its clauses.

14. Market and Price-watch

  • Price-watch Introduction | Stop gambling with your business, produce and money.
  • Creating Price-watch Account.

15. Conclude

  • Hydroponic fertilizers & Organic farming (Communication with Wageningen University & Research).
  • Conclude | Wasn’t it easy?
  • Download certificate.

16. NEWS Section

  • Mudra, Nabard, Udyami Mitra, Sidbi & CMEGP loan options for hydroponic setup.
  • Recent Bank Merger & How it will affect your loan.
  • NHB Subsidy for hydroponic setup, but there is a catch.
  • Agriculture Departments of India.


  • Blueprint Explained.
  • Download BLUEPRINT OF BUSINESS | AKA. Project Report or DPR.
  • Download Costing Sheet | Costing breakdown in-depth in more details.
  • Labour Costing Calculator | Skilled, Unskilled, Number of days, Payout.
  • Pre-setup costing calculator.

18. Plants You can grow in Hydroponics

  • How much we can produce?
  • Plants List with pH & EC.

19. Request Topic

  • Request new topic | You want it, we get it.

20. Hydroponic Setup in 40 Days

  • Complete hydroponic setup in just 40 days.
  • 3D Layout of farm.
  • Day 1 | Finalizing vendors.
  • Day 2 | Land levelling.
  • Day 3 | Polyhouse foundation Day 1.
  • Day 4 | Polyhouse setup Day 2 & Framework.
  • Day 5 | Polyhouse setup Day 3 & Framework welding.
  • Day 6 | Polyhouse finalization & Raised loft installation.
  • Day 7 | Framework finalization and pipes preparation.
  • Day 8 | Pipe connections and making fertilizer tanks.
  • Day 9 | Pipe assembly with slope.
  • Day 10 | Water flow testing and installation of motors with timers.
  • Day 11 | Installing foggers.
  • Day 12 -to- 14 | Seedlings transfer to pipes.
  • Day 15 | Maintainance checklist.
  • Day 16 -to-25 | Fixing water cycles and fertilizer drops.
  • Day 26 -to-30 | Maintaining the cycle and rectifying errors in system.
  • Day 31 -to- 40 | Quality analysis and use of growth boosters.
  • Day 41 | The D-day Harvest.
  • Finishing the course & review.
  • Visit our farm.
  • Be part of our inner-circle.


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Increasing production and building a constant source of money needs future prospective of market trend. Price watcher just does that.


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We all start at some point, Even I did too, There was a day when I had very little or no knowledge about hydroponic. I researched a lot about it and watched 100+ videos about it. Still, there was something missing.

I am getting that missing piece for you. 'A FARM VISIT' learning everything in theory with lifetime access and community support has its own perks but knowing actual mechanisms, in reality, is an unbeatable experience.

Inside course, on finishing online learnings you can pick a date of your choice and book a farm visit at our location in Satara, where we are waiting for you to give a truly personalized experience, to seat across you and answer all your queries and doubts with hot coffee in hand and surrounded by 12ft height of green walls.

Did we mentioned we are located just 40km away from Mahabaleshwar, so when you are planning to come you can also plan a trip with your family or friends to enjoy the beauty of hills and woods too. 🙂



(We discontinued udemy course from March 2020 to build an Indian market-centric course.)

I couldn't have asked for more than this. This course is simply amazing. It just saved me from wasting so much of time running behind consultants and spending money.

MukundSwami Perihar

Price watcher is amazing innovation done so far in agriculture. Now I know what I have to plant and how much I am going to earn from it in well advance.

Vijendranath Sahoo

After working in US for 12 years, last year I came back to india to do something innovative in agriculture. This course has been a good kickstarter for me.

Vishal Sikka

I am a web developer in bangalore but my family is agriculture family. I did this course to see how I can help them. And I am very much proud that now I can help my family with so many things I couldn't imagined.

Vishakha Shetty

I took this course just to understand how fiseable it is to do hydroponics in asam, and I finished this course very rapidly. In next month me and my brother is starting development work.

Moumi P.

I am hydroponic grower from kerala. hydroponic masterclass has helped me make a lot of positive changes in my setup and first time I started seeing profits. Keep it up HM team.

Vishnu G.

I am agriculture student from delhi. First time in my entire agriculture course I found something interesting about growing food. And best part is learning business logic behind it.

Akash Veda

I spent almost 4 months doing research about hydroponics but I never found anyone done research so deep and made it available so easily. If I would have found this course 4 months, it would have saved me so much time and money.

Sanjay Desai

I tried groing lettuce iceberg and romain in small hydroponic kit which I purchased from amazon. Worst part was I always made some mistake and ruined my fully grown plant. Now after this course I know exactly what I need to do.

Jivika Gupta

I always know there is huge demand in market now I know how I can become part of it after taking this course.

Vishal Khaire

What is a easiest way for a gardener to learn about hydroponics? I will say its hydroponic masterclass.

Samyak Pathak

This can easily become life changing experience if you follow it as prescribed. Straight and no bullshit.

Remo F.

Initially, I thought this is going to be just another course on hydroponics. But when I started learning about it. It started breaking my belives about hydroponics and at one point of time, I felt whatever I know about hydroponics was so less.

Bidisha B.

You know it's gonna be a good day when you wake up early and see money getting deposited in your account, just one labour and one contract with bigbasket. I am almost retired now and money keeps on flowing.

Sidharth Banna

I am hydroponic grower from Delhi and I wanted to know how can I reduce my operation cost, Sudhir just did that for me. Now I am saving almost 20thousand rupees every month on my existing farm.

Jeevan Pandhey



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Got Questions? We got answers for you!

Who should take this Course?

This is absolute all level course, if you are beginner who doesn’t know about agriculture or hydroponic professional who wants to brush up knowledge of hydroponics this course is for you.

Are there prerequisites or language requirements?

There are no certain prerequisite but it’s good if you have following capacities.

  • If you have interest in growing food - with little to no experience of urban farming or Hydroponics.
  • Anyone looking to start a new business in a food growing market.
  • If you are looking for a health kick!
  • No experience in agriculture needed.

I am a high school student, can I join?

This course is revolves around techniques and science of hydroponics, you can take up this course to understand about hydroponics.

What should I do if I need to start the course late?

You can purchase course now and start it later, we have lifetime membership and you can access the course material even after several years too.

How do I register?

In checkout process while creating an account you will be registered to hydroponicmasterclass, you don’t have to register with us separately.

My payment did not go through. What do I do?

We apologize for this inconvenience. We encourage you to reach out to your bank or UPI partner as further permissions may be needed to complete the payment. You are also welcome to write to support@hydroponicmasterclass.com for further guidance. Please wait a full 24 hours before trying again. A strong Internet connection and up-to-date browser are strongly recommended.

Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend my Online Course?

In order to be granted a full refund, you must cancel your registration by sending an email to support@hydroponicmasterclass.com with subject name refund Please note we are unable to reimburse for any currency conversion or transaction fees charged by your bank, payment gateway or credit-card issuer.

What payment method you support?

We support all credit cards, debit cards, netbanking with over 100+ banks, we support UPI payment via phonepay, google Pay, payTm, we support wallets like mobiquick, paytm wallet, airtel money and we also support EMI.

How many participants are in a course? Can I interact with them?

Currently you cannot interact with other participants who are taking course, however you can connect to them in our private facebook group on completing the course successfully.

Do I need specific equipment to take Online Courses?

You should have an up-to-date web browser such as: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. For more detailed information, Our Online Courses can be accessed on a mobile or tablet device, although we strongly encourage you to have access to a desktop or laptop computer and reliable internet connection. Now you can access our course via any android TV or chrome cast, Amazon fire-stick as well. Check your welcome email for configuration details.

How do I contact technical support during my course?

For any help we are here writing to us at support@hydroponicmasterclass.com with subject heading ‘Technical Support ‘and we will get your issue resolved.

What should I do if I’m away for a few days?

This course is not time bound, so you can complete this course as per your comfort, some student prefer learning everything in one go or some students prefer it learning by one chapter each day. You can decide your pace and learn accordingly.

Do I need to buy any book?

All the reading materials you are required to access are included with your course. Only book you will need is handbook and you can download handbook on day one of course.

What is the process of moneyback?

We are extreamly sorry, we could not give you satisfying service. You can write to us on support@hydroponicmasterclass.com by your registred email id with order number(You will find on invoice sent to your email on date of purchase) and your money will be refunded to you. Please Note. For security purpose money will be transferred to the same account and mode of payment you used for purchasing the course.

What will happen to my facebook group and price-watcher account in case of refund?

Your account access will be invoked soon after we finish processing your refund request, however you can join us back again in future if you want to access only facebook group or price-watcher by paying monthly subscription fees (completion of course is mandatory for accessing facebook group and price-watcher)



With Money-Back Guarantee; One time payment, Lifetime Access & Support.

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Some members love us, some members hate us, We listed here last 50 reviews; What they talked about us!

  • Jeevan Zardoshi
    Explained really well, Basic enough for absolute beginners, though with enough information to feel comfortable to start out on your own.
  • Mahava Ashtekar
    I have some aquaponic background, I'm interested in everything that brings technology and agriculture together. I like what I've seen so far Well done 🙂
  • Jaganath Poonacha
    Very well designed introduction to hydroponic course.The tutor presents the subject with clear language and in an organised manner.
  • Sharya Gandhi
    Course so far is good in the basics although some further explanation would be great, Overall this course was informative and aides in providing a spotlight on Hydroponics growing. I would recommend this course for someone with no knowledge, such as myself.
  • Shanti Barigai
    Very truthful lecture and Sudhir has given a lot of valuable advice. Will receive my starter kit soon and will try to grow Hydroponics first time in Kerala. Being a vegan bodybuilder and vegan nutritionist, 100% support the concept of Hydroponics to our health and for the benefits to our motherly earth. Thank you Sudhir once again
  • Ranjit Kashyap
    Loving the course. Sudhir is a great teacher. easy to understand and he doesn't hold back on knowledge. picking up so many gems from this course. would recommend Sudhir to anyone and everyone who wants to learn about hydroponics. If he doesn't have any other courses yet with you guys, you should get him to launch more content. he will be your next cash cow lol.really enjoying the material and his teaching methods..
  • Pranav Acharekar
    The course has an easy flow based on Sudhir' first hand experience growing hydroponics. I like it when he said at the end that this course is not meant for scaling up; which I really appreciate. This is a first exposure; a jumpstart knowledge that will help you navigate your decision on growing hydroponics for business or for pleasure.
  • Waazir Seth
    The course was very informative and straight forward. It tackles with the production, troubleshooting down to the business side of hydroponics. On questions left unanswered, a Forum section is also provided for posting. Thank you Sudhir for an awesome lecture.
  • Bhrigu Ganapuli
    He gave me a good overview of the business. Hightly reccommended.
  • Arun Ahuja
    The course was packed with information that will be useful. I enrolled on this during the corona virus crisis. However, I intend to perfect my techniques and launch a business when all this has passed. Thanks for sharing your expertise Sudhir Devkar.
  • Jaswant Jayavant
    Thank you. Loved the course and the way it was structured. Your presence and style of communication was very pleasant, informative and objective. Thank you once again.
  • Madhava Chakarvarti
    Really good informative course to get you started. Sudhir presented it really well and I found it easy to digest .... all in all was exactly what I wanted and am looking forward to getting the ball rolling. Am a chef so this is an amazing string to add to my bow. Thank you.
  • Dharya Randhawa
    Really enjoyed this course, it was up front and real with the information. Personally liked him sharing the mix of stories of what worked and didn't for him.
  • Savyaschin Limbu
    My wife and I are considering doing this for our family, and possibly as a side business as well. This is very informative and is so much more detailed and stepwise than others we have watched.
  • Hala Chetti
    Thank you very much for an excellent course. I really liked your manner of presentation and the clear, no nonsense presentation of important points (no waffling and boring information that is not needed).
  • Amar Bhatta
    Ya as I am studying agriculture bsc hope it will be helpful in future to me. It was a very good experience learned a lot from this hydroponics. Thanks Sudhir for u knowledgeable teaching...
  • Amar Anagal
    I found this course very informative and its definitely going to help me starting my first home based project.Based on the outcomes I will look for selling to the nearest shops or restaurants.Thanks again Sudhir for the designing such a educative & well explanatory course.
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  • Kahoda Goyal
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  • Akshey Chaudhari
    This course was awesome! Easy to understand, easy to work through. I originally came here to learn about hydroponic farming but he has opened my eyes to hydroponics and I have already bought a starter kit to grow for my family. Thanks for such an informative video!
  • Rahul Deshmukh
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  • Peeyush Kusari
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  • Dadabhvai Munshif
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  • Jwala Bhardvaj
    It was a good overview that covered pretty much all of the basics. Between this and many other vids on that particular online channel, should have a very good start. Would be nice to see a much more in-depth "advanced level" course addressing things like lighting options,  diseases/pests/problems, market research, etc in much more detail.
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    Nicely done. Brief and informative. Good and positive energy.
  • Harsh Acharekar
    One thing I liked the most about sudhir is, He will do extensive research about topic he is talking about. I really liked when he explained difference between hydroponic and oraganic farming, and the way he gathered information was just amazing.
  • Baibhav Kapudia
    I know myself for sure, with self learning from internet and youtube, it would have taken me atleast decade to gather this knowledge. Thanks Sudhir for making it available so cheap.
  • Dr. Rene D'silva
    I really liked the test modules inside the course. This course doesn't only poring videos on you, IT makes sure you understood them.
  • Ashwin P.
    I found one partner in my city who is willing to setup an hydroponic farm, Once Corona lockdown is over, We are going to set this up together. I think forum is the best thing in this course.
  • Babita Jallota
    I started this course just to binge watch, And now I have full proof business plan inside my mind.
  • Avinash Kapoor
    I really liked autheticity of sudhir, He is not like other online video makers who talks lot of things which are not relevent, He only talks what is required. And more importantly he tells his experiences.
  • Sanjay Khare
    I have attended so many online courses in last one month. Everywhere I saw instructor telling how he is the best and whatever he does is the ultimate thing and how everything works out great. In reality it is not the case with lot of us. Sudhir pins point that perfectly. I really started liking this course once sudhir started telling, what mistakes he did and how that mistakes costed him financially. And what we should avoid. Real knowledge, and really a humble instructor.
  • Vishal Mane
    The only course which offers farm visit where I can put all my learnings to test, before even start investing into it. I couldn't ask for more!

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