Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse Structure

Natural Ventilated Polyhouse : Naturally Ventilated polyhouse structure mostly used for crop vegetables as like cucumber, capsicum and tometo and flowriculture, This is the most basic and traditional type of polyhouse. This type of polyhouse is used for hydroponic farming at large scale.

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Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse For Hydroponics

We at Hydroponic Masterclass, When started our first project we decided to go ahead with NVPH also known as natural ventilated polyhouse to setup our A frame based vertical N.F.T. Hydroponic farm. In India NVPH is widely used structure of polyhouse due to it's long lasting design and very low input cost. NVPH can with stand heavy wind of 55km/hr and also it can withstand heavy rain making it all tarrain CEA practice across the world.

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