What are some innovative ideas that reduce the cost of agriculture?

Our world is presently facing major issues such as water crises, scarcity of foods, increasing population and others. The land is reducing each year with which it is becoming a challenge to feed the current world’s population. 

The environmental and farming experts have come with latest agriculture techniques by which you can decrease the cost and increase yield.

1. Bulk purchase

It is a better idea to order seeds from few dealers instead of ordering them from many. This will give you an advantage of the reduction in cost. You can buy seeds from a dealer which provides discounts on the purchase price. If you want a discount, you can also buy in large quantities from the dealers.

2. Check the samples of soil

Your soil may lose nitrogen over time. There are special monitors which are used to check the samples of soil. These monitors tell you whether your soil has sufficient nitrogen supply or not. You can add the required amount of nitrogen to the soil for effective growth of crops.

3. Rotational change

You can grow different crops every year. The combination of tow crops such as wheat and soybeans can reduce the cost of agriculture each year. Besides that, the growth of different crops can reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases in the crops.

4. New machinery

Improvement in farming has much to do with the quality of machinery used in the farms. You should replace the old machinery with the new one to get better produce. Using variable rate controllers and row planter clutches will reduce the cost of production.

5. Use good fertilizers

An array of fertilizers is available in the market to increase productivity and decrease the cost of agriculture. You can use potassium and phosphorus to decrease the cost of agriculture. If any crop is in need of nitrogen, add it to receive profitable results.

6. Low rent

If you have been doing agriculture on leased land, you can ask for low rent from the landowners. This will save some bucks and you can also think of growing crops in a better way. If you had a bad farming season, you can ask the landowner to collect the low rent.

7. Check weed growth

The farmers should spend less on removing weeds from the farms. They should also reduce the miscellaneous expenses such as technology fees, water management systems and others.

8. Managing the risks

Agriculture involves a lot of risk. You may not get a good yield in one year or you may not get a good price for selling the produce. The farmers can think of some risk management tools such as marketing techniques and revenue insurance. These ways will decrease the risk in agriculture.

Final words

There are some other latest agriculture techniques by which you can reduce the overall cost. They include value-added agriculture, planting rates and others. Reduction in cost and better yield are the ultimate goals of agriculture.