Why do Indian farmers not grow organic crops?

Indian farmers are not literate and that is the main reason why we lack behind. Indian farmers don’t have the proper knowledge about the bio-fertilizers and other organic substances. They don’t know the difference between bio-fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. Also, Indian farmers don’t wait for long because they need their income from the crops they’ll grow. Organic crops have many advantages compared to natural crops. It also benefits the health of the people as they are good in nutrients.

Indian farmers do not grow organic crops. But what is the reason behind it? Let’s see in details more reasons behind not growing organic crops in India.

What is the reason behind it?

There is more than one reason behind not growing organic crops in India. So let us see what are the reasons behind it.

  • Organic farming requires proper knowledge of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides which Indian Farmers lack.
  • Organic farming does not require many efforts but should be handled in a proper manner but Indian farmers don’t know much about it.
  • Indian farmers use chemical fertilizers more than using any organic way of farming.
  • Organic farming is easy when people know about it. So there is a lack of knowledge among the Indians.
  • Organic farming requires a large area for the cultivation of crops but Indian farmers are poor so they don’t have such large areas.
  • Indian farmers don’t have the knowledge about which type of crops are more suitable in organic farming.
  • Also, organic farming requires proper handling of crops and the correct time of sowing crops so Indian farmers don’t have this knowledge.

So these are some reasons behind not growing organic crops in India. So now let us see how can it be solved. So if all these problems are solved then the Indian farmers can probably start working for the organic crops and then they will get a much easy lifestyle.

How to initiate organic crops in India?

Here are some steps which will help the Indian farmers to start the growing of organic crops. So let us discuss them all.

  • By making the farmers literate or by providing them with the required knowledge.
  • By comparing the crops with the compatibility of prevailing conditions.
  • Train the farmers of India to grow organic crops.
  • Organic crops have benefits against normal crops.

So these are some points which will help the Indian farmers to start the production of organic crops.


So it concludes that organic crops are far better than the normal crops because they are prepared by the natural substances and thus it does not has any side effects. Most people today use this farming method because it is easy to start and it does not require a lot of effort. So in India too now this farming method will be adopted so that the income and the lifestyle of the farmers can be increased.