Why is the agriculture ministry one of the most challenging ministries to manage and govern?

In countries like India and China where the large population is often a hurdle, the agriculture ministry tries new ways to handle agricultural problems. Agricultural ministers have to look at various problems and try to solve them.

Agriculture is an important area which needs much development. There are many challenges which agriculture ministry has to face in any country. They are as under:

1. Land scarcity

Most of the advanced nations face the problem of small lands for farming. There is very little land available today on which the farmers can grow crops. The other part of the land is either barren or not fit for use. The ministers of agriculture have to find the ways by which the barren land can be turned into the farms.

This is often a major concern in every country. Apart from that, the agriculture ministry has to change the ownership laws so that the lands can be joined and turned into the farms.

2. Food supply

In a highly populated country like India, the target of food supply to all the people is not fulfilled every year. With the increasing population, the agriculture ministers have to introduce ways to increase production.

In some years, there is very heavy rainfall or no rains at all. During such period, the crops get damaged due to which there is not production or the existing crops get washed away. The role of agriculture ministry is crucial here.

3. Introduction of harmless pesticides

Crops and plants are often attacked by pests and insects in farms. They have to be removed for the proper and effective growth of plants. Some pesticides and insecticides contain chemicals which can harm the soil and beneficial insects along with the environment.

The ministers of Agriculture have to introduce the natural and organic herbicides to save the soil. It is often a challenge to find the pesticides which can promote the growth of plants and kills pests without harming the environment.

4. Water scarcity

The suicides of farmers in India have mainly focused on the issue of poor quality of agricultural ministry in the past years. Less rainfall is one of the most common problems in India as well as other parts of the world. This often leads to drying up of crops.

The ministers of agriculture have to find the alternates by which the water supply can be increased in the fields. They have to introduce ways such as drip irrigation, water sensors, use of manure and fertilizers which trap the moisture inside the soil.


In addition to these challenges, the agriculture ministry has to deal with other challenges such as soil erosion, financial help to farmers in the forms of loans and other incentives and others.

India still has the problem of poor quality marketing techniques because of which the farmers have to depend on the middlemen for selling their produce.

These challenges have to be dealt with by agriculture ministers.