Why some people object to GM crops?

What are GM crops?

GM crops are referred to Genetically Modified Crops which is a new technique of growing crops in less time. Most countries are moving to this trend as it has some great advantages like larger yields, insect resistance, and faster-growing traits. They actually have many pros and cons.

So here is a short description of the GM crops and about the pros and cons, it contains. So let us know them.

Why some people object to GM crops?

Genetically Modified crops sometimes cause health issues as they are made under certain criteria and that is why they are artificially made though they are very beneficial still some people have got a sensitive body and that is why they get allergies on their skin. So that is why some people object to GM crops. Though they have many benefits still side effects always threaten us.

Pros of Genetically Modified Crops

  • They are the technology which has been going from long back. Genetically Modification of crops is not a new technique, many people have been adopting it for manipulating crops and food for long back. It has been found that it is the latest biotechnology that has been done in a more precise manner.
  • This technology is very safe as it works by changing the breed of the plant without introducing any foreign element and then with the modified crop we are able to obtain the desired trait.
  • When there is a genetic modification of crops it helps to give a better quality of product and thus gives a better taste. Also, it helps to give more nutrients in a single crop.
  • Genetic modification has a very good advantage that it ensures to give large production over small yield. This means that now we will be able to control the hunger and malnutrition over small consumers.

Cons of Genetically Modified Crops

  • This has been found that genetically modified crops result in some allergic reactions. Due to the consumption of crops of GM, they cause some kind of allergies like fatigue, rashes, headaches, and nausea.
  • For genetically modified crops there should be labelling and this is why it is sometimes causing health issues and religious concerns so that is why people oppose to use it.
  • They don’t provide much economic to the farmers as they take more time to grow. But else it provides many nutrients and the better quality of the product. But this is the major problem.
  • It is also found that crops that are genetically modified are not purely safe as there are some points where they cause some problems. So that is why we can’t assure that they are totally safe. So this is a major disadvantage.


GM crops are the modern way of growing crops in a short time. But in India, there is not much technology available so that is why they are unable to perform such activities but this activity sometimes become hazardous to health so it should be practised less.